Socrates said: "Know yourself." Today he would be the first to want to know his own genome. But would he want to know everything? Absolutely all? Also the possibility of getting Alzheimer's or dying of cancer?

In our opinion, yes, because he was a brave man who did not fear death.

And we also must not let our guard down against diseases. Today, in many cases, early diagnosis allows to access medical treatments that delay or prevent the onset of the disease.



Have you been diagnosed with a genetically transmissible disease?

Go to the doctor who is treating you for this disease and get yourself prescribed a

genetic-medical-diagnostic test for you and your family members.

You might find out that some relatives of yours have the same pathology, which has not yet manifested, and act immediately.

Or you may find out that some of them are healthy carriers.

Engaged Couple

Do you want to have a child?

Go to your doctor and have a compatibility test prescribed for your partner.

If he is a healthy carrier of your own pathology, you have a 25% chance of giving birth to a sick child.

Do you want to have a child, but do not have a partner who shares your love project? Have you thought about turning to a sperm bank? So you have to be very careful because not all sperm banks carry out genetic tests on you and on the donor. So if you and the donor are both healthy carriers of any of these hereditary diseases, then the child will have a 25% chance of being born ill. Besides that, genetic tests can exclude other important pathologies you may not be aware of. Before resorting to the sperm bank, search the internet for the banks that offer the best services and then ask your doctor for the best choice.

Mother and Newborn

Preventing tumors with new genetic tests: now it is possible.

Of course, the tumor can’t be inherited, but the risk of developing it is inherited.

That is why, after an onco-genetic counseling and in the presence of a mutation, it is essential to carry out periodic and targeted follow-up as well as inform the adult members of the family that could be carriers of the mutation.



We DO NOT provide medical advice, nor do we perform genetic tests.

As patients we are in contact every day with doctors and genetic companies.

As an association we fight to obtain for our members excellent services, good prices and prompt responses.